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Bat Mitzvah | New York Area Portrait Photographer

If you’ve ever attended a Bat Mitzvah, you know what a monumental day it is for the young lady, and also, her family. It marks the threshold into adulthood and the induction of new responsibilities within the religious community, and is an incredibly special experience. When people hire our studio to do the photos that commemorate this special time, they are ensuring that they receive professional, perfectly-lit and modern portraits! It’s such an honor to be given that privilege.

This sweet girl was SO beautiful, both inside and out, and her family was bursting with pride over her accomplishments. Besides the lovely studio portraits, we also took some of this young lady outdoors and on location with her family….her brothers look up to her in every way and they were ready for their moment in front of the camera, too! Behind this Cinderella-esque gown, and those breathtaking eyes, there is a bright student, kindhearted sister and daughter, and now, a young woman heading towards adulthood. Thanks to this family for allowing Dawn Sela Photography to be part of your big day!

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Dawn Sela Photography is a full service portrait photographer serving the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas, specializing in events, families, and children. 

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