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Hudson Valley Child and Family Photographer |Modeling Headshots

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Last week Little G was welcomed into the Dawn Sela Photography Studio of the Hudson Valley! I photographed her as a newborn as well and still is still a beautiful blue eyed sweet cakes! G is thinking about getting into modeling so we photographed her in a variety of outfits and selected some images to be sent to modeling agencies.  If you are thinking of getting your child into modeling, feel free to give a call and bring them in. It will also give you an idea of how they react in a studio setting and their comfort level. You can reach the studio at 845-797-0495 or and see when the next appointment is available in our Beacon, NY photography studio. Maybe you aren’t interested in modeling head shots, but would still love some adorable images like those above on your walls as keepsakes forever! Who wouldn’t!?

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