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A Gift For Them and A Gift For You! Senior and Family Portraits New York

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After being asked for the last several years, “Can you do a  retake?”, “I want something different for my high school senior!”, “I want to do more to capture this time in their lives!”, Dawn Sela Photography is expanding with  a senior and teen division. The seniors and teens I have photographed have made me realize how much I enjoy it, how much MOMS enjoy it, and that there is so much more to offer them than the 10 minute appointment at school!  And this isn’t just for girls! Come on guys! Moms of senior guys,  we know you are dying for great photos of your high school senior son!


High school seniors are on the cusp of a life changing event and sometimes, they and parents want MORE….more than a cap and gown photo and more than the black drape.

They want senior photos that reflect their own style, interests, places they love and WHO THEY ARE  and WANT TO BECOME!

If you are interested and would like more information, call or text 845-797-0495 or email!


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So, what are we going to do?

  1. A WINTER STUDIO HEADSHOT SESSION and “getting to know you” with other Class of 2018 seniors, hopefully from multiple area  schools. This will include enhancement make up for girls.
  2. A FULL EXPERIENCE SENIOR PORTRAIT SESSION in the spring…2 hours, unlimited outfit changes and an in-person consultation after the session to review your proofs. Indoors, studio, casual, dressy, sports gear, your car, your pet…YOUR STYLE!!!
  3. A FREE OUTDOOR FAMILY MINI SESSION in July/August before the trip off to college!
  4. EXCLUSIVE MINI SESSIONS like cap and gown, college pride, prom dress for no sitting fee!  Optional but will be tons of fun!
  5. A ONE OF A KIND GROUP SHOOT….themed and styled by the seniors! Also optional but something you won’t ever forget!

All of the above will be $350 until 12/24/2017…..CHRISTMAS EVE!

This is an introductory savings of over half off normal session fees!   In person studio ordering sessions are included to help  you choose your final images, see and feel  all of the keepsakes you can have forever like albums, wall portraits, image boxes and grad card announcements! A $500 minimum order is required.

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If you are interested and would like more information, call or text 845-797-0495 or email!

A gift for your senior with unique senior portraits AND  a gift for yourself with one of a kind photos of your senior AND a family portrait!

Your family life and dynamics will  forever change after that graduation cap tassle is turned from one side to the other. Capture your high school senior and get that family portrait up on the wall before they become college freshman! Dawn will capture your young adult and your family as they are right now and as you will want to remember them!


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