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Newborn Rush!

Quite a few newborns coming up! I photographed Princess Savannah in the hospital at just 22 hours old! We will meet again in my studio next week!


Meet Gavin! I have photographed 2 of his 3 siblings when they each turned 13 months old! When the eldest was 13 months old they were not living in the area. Can’t wait to see the entire family together for a session later in the year;)


Doesn’t this just make YOU feel like cuddling someone!    


SO, little Hayden wasn’t a sleeper for our entire session. A little patience, walking, feeding and rocking paid off Mom and Dad!  He is SO adorable and SO loved!  

Blue Eyed Beauties!

I recently enjoyed a little hike Madeline and Gage’s backyard! The fall foliage and their eyes were aglow in color! We collected leaf bouquets, walked on logs like balance beams and played in the leaves!    

Peace and Brotherly Love

Two of my little man friends;) These photos will bless many homes in the form of holiday cards this year!  

6 Days Old

That’s all! I just loved this beautiful little angel! It was a pleasure meeting you Kristin and Bill!

Just Adorable:)

Always love Mom’s choice of outfits for these cuties!      


the idea…and Mom knew I would!  I have photographed G and P before and when Mom asked to do family photos, on the front lawn, on a couch!! Whoo hoo! SO fun!  

Yes! I have a sneak peek for you!

Love so many of them…for real!  Had to also share that I have photographed this Mommy’s Brown Eyed Girl since she was a baby! Makes me sniffle that time goes so quickly!  

Family Fun Day 2008

What an honor to celebrate this special day with a special family. I must admit that before arriving, I felt that I had to find a way to fit in with the children and the adults to be able to capture the memories of their annual day. It was not difficult upon meeting them as everyone was so fun,

Fall’s Last Color

Yesterday I took a landscape photography course from the fabUlous Robert Rodriguez! I fell in love with his work 2 years ago and am so captivated by his visions in nature. I signed up for this course quite a few months ago and thought the time would never come! Click here to see Robert’s

2 Plus One Coming Soon!

I was so happy to meet this new family!  Can’t wait for their new addition next month!

Bro and Sis

Working backwards to share the last several months of sessions! Gotta love brothers and sisters that can show the love! Beautiful children!

Welcome To Dawn Sela Photography’s New Blog!

Yes , it’s been a long time since posting;) I have many families and cuties to share so check back several times a week:) I promise you will see many new faces! This Daddy was celebrating his birthday with his three sweethearts!  Hope you enjoyed your day!

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