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Westchester County NY Child and Family Photographer Dawn Sela

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As recent summer months have allowed  me to spend more time with my younger children and their friends, but less time with my older son attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY,  I am reminded of how quickly childhood passes.  I share with my clients and friends to embrace their summer days, be adventurous, work hard but play hard, set goals, enjoy vacations with each other. Take lots of photos and print your photos!  I was thinking the other day of Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day Letter to her three children, Arabella, Joseph and Theodore. Their first family portrait after Joseph was born was an image I loved creating and it was perfect to publish with her letter. So many passages stand out to me.

“I hope you see potential and possibility and know that you can do anything you set your mind to if you dream big, work hard and never, ever give up.”

“As you get older, understand that however you decide to work at your life, you have an important responsibility, too. Be brave, take risks and be true to yourself. Identify your passions and pursue them with all that is in you.”

“Take nothing for granted. Know that in life, the harder you work, the luckier you’ll get.”

“Of the adventures and the projects and the opportunities your father and I have encountered together, none compare to the three of you. I’m grateful for you daily and not a moment goes by that I forget how fortunate I am that you belong to me. I’ll love you always.”

All of the above hit a chord with me because they are values my husband and I have lived since we dated in high school and taught our children, since birth. We have both always been hard working entrepreneurs and we have prayed our work ethic has been instill in our children. Junus is now 21 and a Junior at West Point, his dream since he was 6 years old!  Kellen is entering his senior year of high school, and planning on doing big things in the Maritime and collegiate soccer world!  And Demetra, our little ballerina continues to shine and bring her A game to everything, from dance to straight A’s in school.

This summer, we are counting down the days until our next big family vacation with all five of us and a family we love! I will be taking just a few family photos as well as my son’s and his friend’s  high school senior portraits in Miami, Florida as well as their high senior portraits in Jamaica, Cozumel and Grand Cayman. As family dynamics change tremendously, I always try to do a family session for my high school seniors before they leave for college. I take a few family portraits, sibling photos as well as with mom and dad. College freshman need tons of photos for their new dorm room, right?!

I invite you to read Ivanka’s full letter here, as published in Time Magazine, May of 2017.

And in closing, I would love to share a few photos from one of our recent vacations to Mexico! Nothing like destination family portraits that are fun, on the beach and beautiful!!!



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