Everyday Stories | Family Portraits Hamptons Long Island NY

Everyday Stories | Family Portraits Hamptons Long Island NY

This month’s blog carousel title is “Everyday Stories”. At first I had a hard time deciding what I would post. Then, it came to me. Just post about spending an evening with my daughter in the farm. I can’t say we spend time there everyday, but we do very often and it is a comfort place for us.  We’ve done her photos at ages 7, 5, and 3 on this very blue antique sofa in this very field at the very same time each year.  As usual, she runs around and  picks whatever wildflowers are blooming. She’s promised me she will do it “forever”:) So, I will hold her to it as long as I can push the shutter button….and one day there will be babies on her lap with her!

After enjoying the images, please head over to Dena Robles, Grand Rapids Michigan Newborn, Baby and Child Photographer for her everyday story:)



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  1. Beautiful, Dawn! I love that it has become a tradition of sorts for you and I do hope one day you’ll be able to capture her there with her babies. How special!

  2. oh goodness – seriously these are so incredibly gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a place to spend time.

  3. these are gorgeous!! What a great location and a spunky little subject!

  4. I love her enthusiasm at this lovely tradition. I hope the two of you DO stick to it, it’s a wonderful way to mark milestones. Beautiful photographs!

  5. She is beautiful, Dawn! And what a wonderful memory & tradition for the two of you. Love your farm – what a gorgeous backdrop for a shoot!

  6. Dawn, These pictures are amazing!
    I think these are my favorite that you have posted, just stunning! Thanks for sharing the time you spent with your beautiful daughter in this special place with us too!

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