Just Get It Framed!! | New York Child Photographer

Just Get It Framed!! | New York Child Photographer

You know….that wall you have been planning on building the collage on…the one to hold years worth of your favorite family photos? Well let’s do it! You have those precious photos from your family’s past few sessions that you had printed and may or may not be waiting to be framed, you have some of your own favorites that you have taken and cherish that moment….move it up on you ‘to do’ list and it will get done this summer!

If you would like my help, please don’t hesitate to email or call me! I love designing galleries and sending you ideas using YOUR PHOTOS. I know it is hard to visualize how they will look, but by doing a wall plan with me, you can see the difference of impact between an 8×10 and a 16×20 or 20×24 canvas or framed print. HUGE DIFFERENCE.


Use Pottery Barn’s great examples and guiding website to help you! A few months ago I posted my foyer renovation and modeled it after this photo from Pottery Barn that I had torn out at least a year prior! Visit Pottery Barn for many, many, many beautiful ideas!

Pottery Barn Wall Decor

Pottery Barn Framing

Here is a wonderful example of how to start your gallery and make some easy templates for rearranging to please your eye before you start hammering!  Credit goes to the blog Felt So Cute.

Here is a fabulous dynamic wall arrangement from RED ENVELOPE that I have seen many clients use. It is very easy to update the photos as well as hang the initial arrangement since it is  a simple bar system with three mounts. LOVE EASY AND QUICK!!! One client took a huge hallway, mounted 4 of these systems and filled the frames with beautiful bright colorful photos. On another wall in their kitchen they used an additional 5 systems around their eating area and filled it with gorgeous black and whites! LOVE this idea!


And finally, here is a great idea for four large images, beautifully framed and used as a focal point in a room where they will be viewed and enjoyed on a daily basis:) This came from BHG.

For more ideas and different takes on “framing” from other photographers, you can follow the blog carousel by visiting the blog of photographer  Alpana Aras-King, San Francisco’s Family and Kids photographer Storybox Art . ENJOY!



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  1. Great information! Framing can be a little intimidating, love the resources you’ve shared!

  2. Okay, that’s it, you are coming to my house. I even own those books and still need someone to come hang my prints. I am so not a DIY person. I am sure there are many many other like minded people out there who could use the nudge to get artwork on the walls!

  3. Brilliant ideas and great take on this month’s theme!

  4. Love all the different framing ideas! So beautiful!

  5. Dawn, this is glorious! So so beautiful. It takes me FOREVER to get prints framed and hung. LOVE these. Especially the one on the bottom of the stairs. Divine.

  6. Beautiful foyer…the picture collage makes it truly spectacular! How long did this take you? (the actual hanging, not the conceptualizing…?)

  7. What inspiration! Definitely taking notes as we prepare to move to a new house next week!

  8. thank you all:) Lisa, I actually hung 5-6 initially, then added to it over time. When we painted, I took a photo of the gallery so I knew exactly where each photo went. We left the nails in the wall and painted. Then it was super easy to just look at the before photo and put them back were they went. As for the rearranging, there was no rhyme or reason…just started adding every couple of weeks or months when I printed something new and put it wherever it fit!

  9. Thank you so much for the inspiration! While I create arrangements for my clients all the time, my house is seriously lacking. I love the staircase ideas – that is now officially my summer project!

  10. Great ideas Dawn! i LOVE how you created the wall layout for your own home especially! I so need to do that in my house! Thanks for sharing these!

  11. Dawn, these are so wonderful to see! I am inspired to hang some photos too.

  12. I can’t wait to put all my photos back up on the walls along our stairs. I love that look. And so funny that you’ve shown that last image. That room was my inspiration photo for our bedroom a few years back. I still have the magazine, with big black writing across the top, SAVE. LOL

  13. what a great post with some super awesome ideas!! tfs

  14. Love these. The stairway gallery is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing these great examples.

  15. These are all gorgeous. Love the last pic especially!

  16. Love how you showed so many ways to display photos! I love them all, especially that arrangement over the stairs.

  17. Oh I LOVE that stairwell arrangement. I’ve been looking for inspiration on our stairwell so this is perfect!

  18. I just love that template up the stairs! That is something many of my clients struggle with, and having that template is fabulous! Do they make and sell these? Beautiful displays, and you are right….it is something that unless we make time for it, it often gets put off, which is a shame when you could be enjoying beautiful art of YOU and your family!

  19. Thanks again….Lisa… it really didn’t take me any time because i just hung a few various sizes then kept adding another here and there…no planning…just winging it!

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