New York Child and Family Photographer Dawn Sela | In The Sunshine

New York Child and Family Photographer Dawn Sela | In The Sunshine

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When the skies are grey
You’ll never know dear
How much I love you
So please don’t take
My sunshine Away.

As a FAMILY AND CHILD PHOTOGRAPHER IN NEW YORK, I have a wonderful opportunity to include sunsets and silhouettes over water…it’s one of my favorite portraits to create for my clients. My favorite locations are along the shores of  the Hudson River, the Atlantic Ocean on the beaches of the Hamptons or New Jersey, or on the Long Island Sound at the north side of Montauk.


Welcome to the monthly blog carousel post! Next up is the wonderful  Tara McGlinchey at with more glorious SUNSHINE images!

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  1. Gorgeous silhouettes!
    The colors are so vibrant and is a great take on this months theme.

  2. These are gorgeous, Dawn! Love the silhouettes and those sunsets are just breathtaking!

  3. ohhh these are incredible!! and that is my kids fave song, I’ve been singing to each of them since birth 🙂

  4. The colors of the sunset are so intense and the photos are so much fun to look at as I am sure they were to create! Same as Danna, our favorite song here too since babyhood…

  5. These are all so vibrant and perfect for this theme, but that last image of the kids in the grass is the cherry on top!! LOVE these!

  6. those are some fantastic skies and silhousettes!! Lovely

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