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Reflecting on time passing by so, so fast. Six years later. Still all smiles when they are together and still making my heart skip a beat.

This blog post is the first of a series put together by an amazing group of photographers and friends:) It is a blog CARNIVAL! Each week we will all post on a specific topic. That topic is more of a prompt, that we all will interpret in our own way with photos and may also include our ideas in words. So please join the fun and hop over to my friend and photographer, Lisa Russo, from Erie, PA, for her REFLECTIONS and continue the carnival!


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  1. Dawn – this is amazing! I can’t BELIEVE how cool it is to see the changes in the same layout, so much more powerful. These aren’t even my kids and I got a little choked up!

  2. BEAUTIFUL reflections. What a gorgeous family!

  3. These are awesome, Dawn! Love how you recreated the same thing so many years later. Definitely something to treasure!

  4. Awwwwh what a happy post this is! Brings a big smile to my face. Loved seeing how much the kids have changed and the similarity in the photographs even though older now.

  5. Dawn, this totally made me cry!! 🙁 🙁 Time passes way, way too quickly. Your children are just lovely.

  6. Seriously, this is the sweetest thing ever and it made my heart skip a beat. I am sure most of us can relate to the all-too-quick passage of time.

  7. oh my! this is the most wonderful post ever! I love these and they will someday love that you did this!

  8. Thank you all so much:) It is something I intended on “re-doing” but not 6 years later…I was thinking more like one or two years later….and look what happened! SIX years has gone by before I had taken the time to do it! I challenge everyone to do something similar….either a repeat of something in the past or do something now that you can repeat again in time:)

  9. Fantastic Dawn! I love the creativity behind redoing the same images, but seeing how much change there is in your children. A treasure for sure!

  10. Oh gosh I am totally choked up looking at these. I love all of the thought and love you put into recreating the images – your children will cherish these!

  11. Oh my gosh… breathtaking… these are incredible. every single part of them…
    Wow wow wow…

  12. Gorgeous scenes of childhood, both sets!

  13. OH my! These aren’t even my kiddos and I swear this brought tears to my eyes. Time does fly by so fast! Your children are beautiful, and this is really a special grouping. Love your take on the challenge!

  14. What a beautifully meaningful illustration of “reflection”, touches me on so many levels. The love there is so strong.

  15. What a great take on reflection! These are fantastic images, presented in a fun way, and you’ve really captured some family bonds there too.

  16. Oh, I just love this. Amazing interactive images. True storytelling. <3

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