Self Portrait | Hamptons Beach Photographer Families and Children

Self Portrait | Hamptons Beach Photographer Families and Children

Self portraits is this months blog carousel topic…I know! You mean a photo of myself? While I am always the one behind the camera, as my children have grown I have realized how important it is to hand off the camera and be IN some photos as well. Whether they are candid, silly and fun with your iphone or the timer or remote on your camera. Take them. Yes…this month I’ll share a few self portraits of myself and my children!
They willingly came into the studio for some fun. I had on a grey cardigan, the boys had on whatever tshirts they were wearing that day, and my daughter was herself…running around with no pants and a bodysuit, probably dancing. It was them, that day and I didn’t care what they were wearing. We sat on  a little bench, they each jumped on my lap and I snapped away on my remote shutter. Viola. Self portraits!
So, you don’t have a studio..what are you to do? Most point and shoot and all DSLRs have timers. Find the book for yours. Look up how to activate it. Place the camera on a table with a stack of books under it. Take a few test shots to make sure it is the right height. Hop on the chair or couch and get silly. You can also call and see if there is a remote available for your camera. This series was not taken this year, but I’m so glad I did it and I routinely now take photos with my iphone or timer on my camera!  Next up is the fabulous Danna Bowes of Calgary !



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  1. love love love!! I wish I had something like this with my kids!!!

  2. What a treasure! I absolutely love this, Dawn! Beautiful images!

  3. I love this series, Dawn! What a heartfelt expression of you & each of your kids … needs to be hanging up in the house I think 🙂

  4. These are just so wonderful! What a great series of memories for you and the kids! Well done!

  5. awww, these make me tear up a little. Every one of them is so sweet and touching. I think a lot of people in your family are going to treasure these for a very long time.

  6. You’re talented with that remote! These are all such great images…actually ones that would be keepers for a client photo session. And these will be awesome memories for your kids and for you after they’ve grown. LOVE.

  7. Many thanks! I appreciate it!

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