United States Military Academy Class of 2022 March Back West Point

United States Military Academy Class of 2022 March Back West Point

“For Many, Stand The Few”
Class of 2022

Monday, August 13th, 2019

The United States Military Academy Class of 2022 Marched Back from Camp Buckner to end their Summer Beast Training as New Cadets! From Washington Gate to the Apron at the Plain, parents, faculty, residents, and civilian employees lined the path to welcome them back with flags, homemade signs, cheers and even live face timing  for those that couldn’t attend and celebrate! How far did they travel? How about from as far away as Hawaii!At the end of the march was their Class Affiliate, the Class of 1972 and the Old Grads who wished to show their support and march with them. Such a truly moving sight to witness!  As my son enters his last year at West Point, I can’t help but think how excited we all were to see him on his March Back in August of 2015! We were standing on one side of the street with 10-20 family members, phones, cameras and posters in hand ready for the moment he ended that 12 mile walk with 50+ pound ruck that began at 2am!

Congratulations Class of 2022 and your family! You have slayed the Beast and we are all so very proud to have you join The Corp on ADay next weekend!

All of the photos I took for you  to share with family and friends of the Class of 2022 can be found in this link.
You may download them and share as you wish! For best resolution, please use the download button rather than a screen capture. I promise you will be happier with the photo when you zoom in. Also, if sharing to social media, please be sure  your facebook settings you are set to upload high resolution photos. It makes a big difference!

Lastly, if you think of having a family photo session at beautiful West Point while you are visiting or a session for your cadet in uniform at Trophy Point or the Plain, keep me in mind!

dawnsela@me.com or through the contact link above!




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